Alex Nauman


At the crossroads of traditional jazz guitar, funk, and experimental improvising music stands a rising star shining brighter every day:  Alex Nauman.  Once this young guitarist, composer, arranger, songwriter, and educator starts putting those talents to work everyone begins to take notice.

People have been taking notice for quite some time now. Alex has been been a regular player throughout the Rocky Mountain Gig circuit. He’s been an integral member of a long list of eclectic groups even before he could drive himself to gigs. Playing everything from straight-ahead Jazz, Bop, Funk, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Big-Band Swing, Acoustic Bluegrass, and even a little country, its easy to see why Alex is considered one of the most talented & versatile Musicians around.

Raised in Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin, Alex began studying guitar with legendary guitarist Jeff Troxel at a very early age. After graduating from Riverside High School in Basin, he attended Northwest College in Powell, WY where he continued studying guitar and shared the stage with such luminaries as Ronnie Bedford, Chris Vadala, Darren Kramer, the Horn Heads (see Prince), and many others. A grueling three-year stint in the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Studies program yielded Alex his first Bachelor’s degree and gave him the chance to perfect his craft. During his stay in Colorado, he won numerous soloist awards at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival and was awarded the Walt Francis Jazz Award for outstanding graduating senior.  In 2014 Alex joined the staff of Rocky Mountain College as professor of guitar.

Alex currently teaches guitar, bass, and banjo at Allied Music in Billings, MT as well as maintaining an active performance schedule throughout the West.