Erik Olson


A native of Powell, Wyoming, Erik Olson has proven an exciting new addition to the Billings, MT music scene. His talents as a pianist, woodwind specialist, composer, and educator have kept him busy performing in the northwest region.

Having two musicians as parents, Erik took to music at a young age. He began taking piano lessons at 5 and was performing for crowds by the time he was 8.  Upon entering high school, Erik quickly gained recognition as one of the best young musicians in the state and was already playing regularly with some of the most prominent performers in the rocky mountain region. During his secondary education at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, and at University of Wyomin’, Erik won awards at numerous classical and jazz competitions around the country.

Currently Erik plays in a number of well known Montana groups, namely Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts, Alex Nauman Organ Trio, Kyle Shobe and the Walk ’em Boys, The Walkers Trio, and The Big Sky Trio. He has also performed and recorded with various Country, Classical, Funk, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, and Soul groups around the area. At only 28 years old, Erik has performed with jazz legends Stefon Harris, Steve Turre, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Other notable artists that he has performed with include Nick Mancini, Ronnie Bedford, Kansas, Dave Pietro, and Eric Reed.

In 2013, Erik accepted a position at Sheridan College as a Piano and Saxophone instructor. Erik also is one of the founders of Allied Music, which is a well known performing arts academy located in Billings, MT.   For the past 5 years, Erik has played and taught in and around the Billings area where he continues to expand Montana’s music scene through his playing and teaching.