Allied Music offers private lessons in guitar, piano, voice, banjo, bass, and woodwind instruments. Please contact us if you’re interested in taking lessons!

Sample Lesson Contract

(Instructor’s Name)

(Phone #)

Music Supplies:

A list of supplies the student will need for lessons.


Based on four lessons per month, tuition is $100.00 per month ($25.00 per lesson). Adjustments in tuition will be made to allow for shorter or longer months. Lessons are thirty minutes long and meet weekly.

Payment of Fees:

Lesson fees for the month are due at the first lesson of each month. Students beginning lessons during the third or fourth week of a month will pay a pro-rated tuition for the remaining lessons in the month plus the next full month’s tuition.

Missed Lessons:

Occasionally a student will have a conflict with their scheduled lesson time. If I am given advanced notice (at least 24 hours) I will try to re-schedule the lesson for a different day or time by arranging a lesson swap with another student or finding a vacant slot.

If a lesson is missed due to illness and a swap is not possible, the lesson may be canceled provided I am notified at least 24 hours in advance. Please note that my schedule allows for limited lesson times and I maintain a waiting list throughout the year. I don’t charge for a missed lesson if I’m properly notified, but I may ask you to surrender your time slot if you miss more than one. Any lesson missed due to my schedule will be made up or refunded.


There are no refunds except in the case of extreme illness or my own scheduling issues. If a student decides to quit in the middle of a month, the balance of the full month is due at the last lesson attended.